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Stay Ahead of the Storm: How to Handle Nature’s Wrath

It’s nearly impossible to isolate large populations from catastrophic weather-related incidents, which make up the majority of natural disasters. However, geospatial solutions can help governments better plan, prepare and react to disasters, dramatically impacting the outcome. For example, when Hurricane Sandy struck Virginia Beach, Va., in the fall of 2012, Intergraph was able to take the city’s discrete d ...

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Publish Imagery Faster and Smarter Than Ever Before

It goes without saying that all geospatial professionals want to process imagery faster and at a higher resolution.  We live in a business era where information moves very quickly in a near ubiquitous fashion – and the same needs to be said about geospatial data. Unfortunately, end-users often have to wait for image tiles to fully cache up, which is what has happened with GeoMedia Smart Client users – until ...

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2012 London Olympics Reduce Crime by 5 Percent Using Geospatial Data

Preparing for one of the largest events in the world is no easy task, especially for the police forces handling the safety of 9 million spectators. As one of the many departments on hand during the 2012 Olympics in London, British Transport Police (BTP) – responsible for policing the underground rail network, the Docklands Light Railway, and overground services – turned to cutting-edge geospatial technology ...

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Intergraph U: Expanding Education with Hands-On Learning

A study conducted by Purdue University found students who have access to hands-on learning tools develop a deeper understanding for the subject matter. This is critically important for GIS users, as the industry centers around the use of geospatial software and technology, which is why we partner with universities around the world to provide solutions to help you continue to learn. Whether you’re interested ...

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Teaching ERDAS APOLLO to Be a Super-Secret Spy: Using the Drop Box to Relocate Crawled Data

We’ve all seen those old espionage movies where the spy goes to a secret (usually public) location and makes the dramatic briefcase swap to get their top-secret stolen information back to the “good guys” at home. In the movies, this is called “making the drop.” Now, we can teach our ERDAS APOLLO catalog to monitor these “drop zones” and to act when a drop is made. You’re familiar with the data crawling capa ...

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Intergraph Geospatial 2013 Portfolio Now Available

Intergraph is excited about the official launch of the Geospatial 2013 Portfolio. Geospatial 2013 is the first and only comprehensive solution that connects all geospatial genres – integrating photogrammetry, remote sensing, and GIS into a streamlined system. This united portfolio is the force that drives smarter decisions, equipping you to complete projects on time and on budget while maintaining the highe ...

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Celebrating GIS Day: Smarter Decisions with Geospatial Information

In celebration of GIS Day, we’re looking at the importance of geospatial information to our lives. We live in a dynamic world. Change is constant, whether its change to the natural landscape, our man-made communities, or the services governments plan and deliver. Keeping up with change – so we can respond to it – is vital. That’s where geospatial information can help. Geospatial information is the foundatio ...

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Move Ahead with Intergraph’s Transportation Solutions

Intergraph attended the 2012 GIS for Transportation (GIS-T) Symposium in Loveland, Colorado, USA, last week. If you didn’t get a chance to visit Intergraph at GIS-T, we highlighted how Intergraph can help you drive smarter decisions with demonstrations that included: Infrastructure Management Providing a platform for delivering intuitive geospatial workflows for your user base using GeoMedia® Smart Client B ...

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Watch a Video Interview with Intergraph’s Jason Sims from ASPRS 2012

 Sanjay Gangal from GIS Cafe conducted a video interview with Intergraph’s Jason Sims, Director of Geospatial Marketing, at the ASPRS Conference in March. Jason talks about how the British Transport Police uses Intergraph products to manage images from thousands of cameras installed in London to keep the British railways and 2012 Olympic Games safe. Learn more about Intergraph’s users’ meeting held in Sacra ...

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